Therapeutic Group Programs

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Munch Bunch Cooking Class

Picky Eater Cooking Workshop Series
Go where no taste bud has ever gone before! Join our Speech-Language Pathologist and feeding expert for a 5-week cooking class that will empower your child to explore new foods by preparing, cooking, and (maybe even!) tasting new foods. Young chefs will interact as they learn how ingredients work together to create familiar favorites and new dishes. Our group will also reflect on how different foods look, smell and taste as they learn to navigate a variety of food sensations.

Social Skills Group

Connecting Throughts, Feelings, and Actions
We’ll empower your child to become an independent thinker, problem solver, and learner, as well as a better communicator through social interactions. Each week, our talented team of therapists will engage your child in activities that feel more like play rather than therapy. Social skills concepts will be embedded into play-based activities to help your child learn and practice applying social skills amongst a group of their peers. We’ll help your child improve the perception of social cues, as well as understanding hidden social rules, how to regulate feelings and bodies, and how to share ideas and imaginations! To compliment the concepts your child is learning, our team will also help parents and caregivers learn new strategies and activities that can be worked into daily routines at home.

Stepping Stones

A Parent Toddler Playtime
Improve gross, fine motor, and play skills! Stepping Stones is a therapeutically driven, inclusive playtime for parents/caregivers and children from 18-36 months. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to engage toddlers in activities that emphasize various areas of development, including gross and fine motor skills, sensory integration, communication, and play skills.

Zen-Sory Yoga

A Yoga Workshop for Children
Children will learn basic yoga poses and breaths, as well as participate in games that facilitate coordination, balance, core strength, proprioception, self-regulation, body awareness and more. We’ll use music, activities, and movement through story to connect with our own bodies and the world around us. Most importantly, we’ll have fun!