Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Therapy

Empowering Your Child to Communicate

At EBS Children’s Institute, we inspire children with complex communication needs to use the resources and tools that allow them to interact with others at their greatest potential. We utilize a wide variety of low- and high-tech tools so that your child can expand his or her ability to express choices, feelings, questions, and responses. We help families find the method of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) that is the perfect fit. For some, it may be a sign-language system, or a picture-based communication board. For others, it may be a sophisticated tablet-based system that produces a voice. For most children, AAC involves a combination of different methods as your child builds skills and learns how to communicate. We’ll work closely with your family to customize a system for your child.

Our AAC Therapy services include:

  • Resources and guidance on which systems will best fit your child’s and family’s needs
  • AAC individual therapy
  • AAC group therapy
  • AAC consultations and trainings with school districts and agencies
  • Family trainings